5 Lifehacks with the credit card, which become a slip

Necessity is the mother of invention. And so it may happen that a credit card is sometimes misused. But although this may well have the desired success, it is not always a good idea. When in doubt, plastic money has fulfilled its special purpose, but is no longer usable afterwards. Want some examples? Please: Five things you can do with your credit card, but should not do.

Lifehack 1: Door opener

Let’s start with a classic. Almost every detective in film and television would be pretty much lost without his credit card. Not only because he always stays in a dodgy motel when he’s on a manhunt or on the run. For him it is also a practical universal key for every closed door. At least when it’s just slammed shut.

Simply insert the card into the gap between the door leaf and frame, somehow push back the snapped lock bolt and the door swings open. In real life, however, this does not work so easily. And if the credit card is then badly bent, it no longer fits into any machine. Or you have sanded down the magnetic strip. Not a good idea.

Lifehack 2: Ice scraper

Everyone knows: Winter is coming, and it will come for sure. Nevertheless, time and again motorists are caught cold by its arrival. In the morning, they stand completely baffled in front of the frozen windows of their car. An ice scraper would be good right now. But the last one is broken and the next one has not been bought yet. What now? How about a credit card as a stopgap measure?

If it does, it will only work with a thin layer of frost, but not with real ice. The credit card is not strong enough for that. The top layer of material could crack or become brittle in the cold. Suddenly, layer after layer of the card would flake off and an insert is just a pipe dream. Also not a good idea.

Lifehack 3: Furniture underlay

First skat night in the new pub. But the premiere is clouded by a wobbly chair. So card threshing is no fun. But there is no better position for the seating furniture; the floor is uneven. Stupid, because the leg of the chair is only a few millimetres short of a firm stand. Hmm, a credit card should be able to compensate for that.

And that’s right, the card is placed under the chair in no time at all and nothing is shaking anymore. Problem solved! But now there is a new one: The imprinted credit card number is pressed in. Just like the chip. Paying with this card probably won’t work anymore. Again not a good idea.

Lifehack 4: Spatula

Sunday afternoon and the prospective parents-in-law come right away for coffee. Everything must be spotless. The two big holes in the wall above the sofa don’t seem to go down too well. Fortunately there is still the putty that holds so bombastically. Only one putty knife is not available at the moment. What else has straight edges and is flexible?

Putty and credit card really seem to be made for each other. With it, the holes are filled in no time at all. And because the stuff dries and hardens so quickly, you can hardly see it on the white wallpaper. All the more reason to put it on your credit card. Here it leaves a clear residue, which remains stubbornly. It also attacks the plastic, which slowly crumbles… Still not a good idea.

Lifehack 5: Knife

Why carry a pocket knife for emergencies when a credit card will do? That seemed to be the question the YouTuber Mirkojax ASMR asked itself – and it sharpened the edge of a titanium credit card. Why he then uses his credit card knife to cut vegetables instead of outdoors remains his secret. You shouldn’t imitate him anyway. Because then you could get a nasty surprise at the next airport checkpoint. After all, knives are not allowed on board, regardless of their shape. And disposing of your credit card at the airport and going on holiday instead: really not a good idea.