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AAHA’s Accreditation Chair is responsible for the administration of AAHA’s examination program.  Both the Associate and Certified level exams contain theory and practical parts.

Associate Exam:  Any Affiliate member of AAHA may make application for the Associate exam at any time after being approved for membership in the AAHA organization and receiving the Affiliate membership packet.  Although two years of study is recommended as a prerequisite, at least one year of handwriting analysis study is required.

The Associate level examination evaluates the ability of the applicant to apply knowledge of the basic handwriting analysis topics.

Successful completion of the Associate exam bestows a higher level of membership and voting privileges for the Associate member of AAHA.

Certified Exam:  The Certified exam is the second in AAHA’s examination process.  Successful completion of the Certified exam bestows the honor and title of “Certified Member” and is AAHA’s highest membership status.

The prerequisite of passing the Associate exam and two years of study and practice is required to apply for the Certified exam.

The purpose of the Certified exam is to evaluate the ability to practice handwriting analysis at a professional level.  An AAHA Certified Member is considered to be a qualified professional graphologist.

AAHA encourages its members to become a Certified Member to increase the standard of excellence in the graphological community, as a whole.

Questions on accreditation or to apply for an exam, please contact the Accreditation Chair


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