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What is handwriting analysis, also known as graphology? 

It is an avenue for both self-awareness and a tool for vocational direction, relationship compatibility, personnel selection, counseling, law, and psychological testing.

What can handwriting analysis do for you?

It can open windows of opportunity for those seeking assistance in choosing an occupation.  A handwriting analyst can help guide you towards a field of study when pondering college majors.  Handwriting analysis can indicate the differences in relationships and how they can be utilized for the best outcome.

What can handwriting analysis do for the business world?

It assists in the hiring and/or promotion process by saving time and money for the business or organization.  The right fit for the right job.

What types of handwriting analysis study helps are available for the graphology student?

There are many qualified handwriting analysis correspondence courses, local handwriting analysis classes, handwriting analysis books, and support and mentoring by the American Association of Handwriting Analysts (AAHA) organization. 

You too can join the many worldwide graphologists who are members of AAHA and enjoy the exciting challenges of handwriting analysis.  We hope this website will stimulate your interest and invite your participation in our organization. 

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